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Tailor-made Silicone Solutions

We Bring Tailor-Made Silicone Solutions

Working closely with you from concept to packaging, our talented designers and engineers get all the information needed for your project to succeed.


All silicone products from our warehouse are customized according to your specifications, greatly improving your brand's competitiveness in the global market.

● Hundreds of Molds

● Tight Molding Tolerance

● Suitable Molding Methods

● Appropriate Silicone Material

Staightforward Customization Process

Leaving the complicated tasks to our dedicated team, we make your customization experience simple, seamless, and efficient.




Design Development & Confirmation


Mold Making


Sample Development and Confirmation


Mass Production


Quality Inspection & Packaging



Unlimited Options, Endless Possibilities

We offer a wide range of customization features to help you create unique and marketable silicone products.


Always looking for the best options, we can recommend the most suitable raw materials to take your silicone product to the next level, including branded materials from Bayer™, Wacker™, and Shin-Etsu™. We can also add specific agents during production to improve the quality of the silicone and activate its special properties, like temperature resistance.


Our design team supports various customization methods, from silk printing to debossing to accentuate your silicone products with your unique branding. Professional printing machines are used to get the jobs done, which is capable of handling monochrome and multicolor logos and prints.


Whether you want a small or large silicone product for your brand, we can make it happen. Size, dimension, and thickness of the product are painstakingly followed during the mold-making phase, ensuring they retain after the process.


Draw your audience to your brand with silicone products enhanced with bright and vibrant colors! The colors that we use for your silicone products are 99% matching with Pantone colors and are carefully calibrated to keep their vibrancy for years to come.

Take A Look At Our Previous Designs

Case Study Overview

Over the years, we have been helping a selection of prestigious brands in market expansion through our world-class silicone products, with some of them becoming top sellers on Amazon. With 3000 m² workshops, over 10 talented designers and engineers, and top-of-the-line machinery, we established ourselves as a leader in bringing bespoke solutions to global and local brands.

Creating Distinct Design Solutions

One customer reached us to customize silicone drying racks to complement his line of kitchen sinks. By understanding his intent of raising the bar for the competition and the target market, we optimized the aesthetics and dimensions of the drying racks to match their sinks. We also updated the product logo, making it dazzling and appealing to the market.

Impactful Packaging Solution

Some clients wanted to meet a diverse range of sales channels and customers like Amazon and In-store. In line with this need, we provided professional packaging and branding solutions, from maximizing product display to improving product and packaging quality.

Sophisticated Material Combinations

Meeting the functionality and design requirements of our clients, we take advantage of silicone's expandable qualities and combine them with various materials to create unique and effective products. Adopting FDA and LFGB certified food-grade silicone, our products are warmly acceptable by western customers.

Experts Across The Board

Striving to continuously manufacture better products and optimizing our manufacturing process, our dedicated designers and engineers seek innovative means of improving our output. We always take the extra step in making our clients satisfied with product quality, efficiency, and marketability.

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