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Foldable Plastic Bucket

Round | Rectangular
The Collapsible buckets is the perfect addition to your home and camping essentials for easy storage and transport. Collapsible bucket with handle makes it easy to move when filled, Cleaning bucket features a groove for smooth pouring and is featuring a space saving design folds down flat in seconds,Which is perfect for storing in compact spaces.
  • Can be round or rectangular shape
  • Foldable and portable
  • Military-Grade Drop Protection
  • Durable and easy to clean
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Made With High Quality Flexible Material

100% Lead-free, environment protection

PP+TPE or TPR. The collapsible bucket is made of eco-friendly PP and flexible TPR/TPE materials, with a special hard plastic rim for durability and stability to withstand normal wear and tear of use outdoors.

Foldable,Durable, Reusable and Eco-friendly. The bucket has a convenient foldable design for efficient storage and portability. When you go out, it can be placed in the trunk of your car without taking up more space.

Multiple Size and Shape

We can make different size.

We can make different shape.

We can make different color.

We can make customerized solution for you!

What's the differece of the new design?

There is PP frame, spout design, bottom groove and handing hole.

With PP stand in the middle. We make it not only stronger and easier to fold.

We care more on details and convenient application experience.

How to use?

To fold it, press one side down, then the other side, smooth and fast. Or two hand hold each side,press directly one step down.

To pull up,pull one side up and then the other side. Or one hand press and one hand pull up directly.

The collapsible bucket can be used for home and outdoor activities, such as car washing, laundry, watering, camping, fishing, hiking etc. Also suitable for cleaning bucket for house or car, a wash basin for dishes or hands, ice bucket for drinks, storage container.

The multifunctional collapsible bucket has a sturdy plastic base and frame, which is stable and non-slip.

And there is a sturdy handle that you can easily pick it up with one hand, foldable design for efficient storage and portability.

You can use it to can be used for home and outdoor activities, such as car washing, laundry, watering, camping, and even used as a beverage ice bucket and fishing.

  • Materials
    • Thermoplastic Elastomers(TPE)
    • Polypropylene(PP) Frame
  • Unique Design
    • PP frame, PP middle stand
    • Special Spout Design
    • Bottom Groove
    • Hanging hole
    • Elagant and Stable
  • What's Special
    • One-step Fold
    • One-step Stand
  • Is it toxic?
    No.It is non-toxic and tasteless. Durable and reusable.

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