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Benefits and Use of Silicones

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Silicones Enable Sustainability and Innovation

The Silicones Industry is a highly innovative sector which continually invests in silicone products whose enabling properties make smart and surprising contributions to consumers' quality of life.


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Silicones Advance Clean Energy Technologies

Silicones lend their useful characteristics when applied to other materials allowing products to last longer, spread better, stay flexible or rigid, and withstand extreme temperatures or humidity, thus reducing the resource and energy consumption of the products in which silicones are used. Silicones' widespread use in everything from automobiles to electronics to solar panels helps enhance existing materials and make new ones possible, which are incorporated into thousands of end products.

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For example, silicones have helped advance clean energy technologies and innovations, such as LED lights, wind turbines, and electric vehicles, which contribute to minimizing environmental impact. In addition, silicone coating enables the development of "intelligent" textiles that absorb and dissipate shock. When used in high performance apparel they help to protect motorcyclists and others from impact and injury.


Silicones Protect Critical Infrastructure

In addition, silicone sealants and coatings are critically important for underwater pipelines and communications cables. They can cure under water and resist the extremes of undersea pressures. They seal and protect and resist dirt, water, salt water, and chemicals, protecting the cables and pipelines and most importantly, they reduce the need for repairs.

silicone news


Silicones play an increasingly important role supporting improvement, innovation, and progress in a wide range of industry sectors. For detailed information about how silicones contribute to innovations that address world challenges and impact the global economy, please read the sector-specific sections below.

  • Construction Energy Electronics
  • Consumer Products Healthcare Transportation

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